Plans and Pricing


For SMEs and Enterprise teams with up to 50 users

From £10 per user per month

with an annual plan

Advanced team management:

Manage team goals and work performance 

Collaborate internally and with partners across your value chain

Unlimited goals, actions, playbooks and discussions

Mobile - iOS and Android - and web app

Customer Success Team Support & email / chat support


For mobile teams with more than 50 users

Upon request

Business features plus:

21-day change challenge

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Hand-holding for onboarding

End-user dedicated technical support

Business Performance / Change Management consulting upon request

or call +44 203 286 4042

Prices in Sterling Pounds excluding VAT - valid until 31.03.2017

Subject to reasonable use policy. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details. When you sign up for a Agily plan, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions for Use of Agily. This agreement contains important information about fees and payment terms, return of balances, and account terms and terminations. We can only process cancellations and refunds according to the terms specified there.


1. Manage your goals

Cascade corporate goals

Set up strategic goals and delegate them to your team members across your organisation or to contractors and partners across the value chain.

Manage your team goals

You and your team members can create goals and share them with other team members, your managers and colleagues.

Real time updates on progress

Visualise goal progression at a glance with the Red Amber Green traffic light indicator. Qualitative comments provide contextual information on achievements.

Stay on top of your millestones

Create actions corresponding to your goal millestones, delegate them, visualise completion.

2. Focus on Business Performance

Monitor progress through Key Performance Indicators

Connect goals with the relevant KPI to measure progress. You have the flexibility to choose any relevant metric: operational, financial, compliance, etc.

Report progress on the go

Report progress update by entering a new metric value and some comment from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Monitor performance against targets

Compare actual performance against target. Reforecast on the go. Look forward instead of in the rear mirror.

3. Collaborate

Invite your colleagues and partners to collaborate

Send an invite to your colleagues and partners within the app. Delegate them goals or invite them to view your goals.

Feedback and comments in real time

Team members can provide comments and feedback in real time.

Instant recognition

Team members can express their recognition through adding "likes" to goals and playbook.