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What makes high performing teams successful?

High performance organisations share corporate objectives, encourage agile leadership and team collaboration.

Agily Team Productivity software supports innovative leadership to improve business performance and help to retain millennials in the workplace.

Agily is a solution easy to use by all generations. 95% of users found it intuitive. Offered as a Solution as a Service, it requires no investment and costs a fraction of an enterprise solution (see our plans and pricing). Free companion mobile apps are available for download:

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How to improve team productivity?

Align team goal with corporate objectives illustration

Develop employee engagement and strategic alignment

  • Adopt performance goals for a successful execution of strategy
  • Align team goals with corporate objectives

Monitor team performance in real-time, anywhere

  • Implement visual performance management and KPIs to measure business performance
  • Assign tasks to employees and monitor work progress
  • Track virtual team performance
Monitor team performance illustration

Support agile decision making

  • Share operational insights and foster team intelligence
  • Identify business improvement opportunities
  • Use dynamic management report templates to save up to three hours per week

Need help developing innovative leadership and improving the workplace?

Agily Activate improves organisational alignement illustration

Discover agily activate© our innovative leadership and business transformation programme, powered by our proprietary agily team productivity software.

Equipped with agile leadership principles and tools, your team can deliver successful organisational change and improve business performance within three months.

An acclaimed team productivity software

Leaders recognised agily as innovative and a game changing solution in leadership

95% of the users found agily intuitive and easy to use

For leaders developing virtual team performance, agily brings access to operational insights and team intelligence into one solution

Guillaume Gilles - Managing Director

Global Water Development Partners

Using goal setting and KPIs to measure business performance daily our teams have a great opportunity to improve productivity

Simon Dray - Managing Director


Dynamic operational dashboards support our weekly work review and help us save hours per week

Operation manager

Utility company

I lead geographically dispersed teams and monitor work progress in the blink of an eye

Ouissem Belgacem - CEO


Agily award winning solution illustration

Award winning solution

Highly Commended winner of the Water Innovation Dragons, May 2016, Utility Week.

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Organisations are looking to develop engagement and team collaboration across generations. Read how this company achieved great results.

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