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Setting goals for mobile teams

Posted on 10th of December 2016 by Agily support team

Managers often wonder how to get started with goals for their mobile teams.

This ebook unveils goal management techniques that are critical for success, as well as a few goal planning and setting tips for Agily app users.


Lead by alignment Whitepaper

Posted on 20th of January 2016 by Bruno Vinel - Agily

In our fast changing and competitive world, managers need to move from their old ways of leadership to a more agile and collaborative approach, encouraging teamwork, positive feedback and mentoring. A new management style that appeals to Millennials. Today's successful managers use agile goal management to improve employee alignment, to boost their engagement, and to achieve better business performance within their company and across the value chain. This white paper outlines three simple steps to modernise your leadership, increase agility and improve your business faster. It's time to lead by alignment.