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Agily Activate©

Embrace agile leadership

The successful execution of strategy drives greater business performance

Organisations flourish when business processes are streamlined; employees engaged; contributions towards strategic objectives are visualised.

Agile team leadership encourages:

  • Employee engagement and alignment to business objectives.
  • Team collaboration across generations, functions and geographies.
  • Continuous performance management with feedback and coaching.
  • Maximising business opportunities and synergies with partners across the value chain.
  • The optimal workplace environment for Millennials.

Our research shows that managers often need extra help to successfully deliver organisational change.

We have therefore developed agily activate©, an innovative leadership and business transformation programme, powered by our proprietary agily team productivity software.

Programme overview

Agily activate© programme is designed for managers and includes:

  • Blended agile leadership training and coaching.
  • Practice of goal setting methodology using agily team productivity software. The app acts as a transformation catalyst by setting learning goals and monitoring progress.

Results? Within three months, transformation capacity is built, contemporary leadership practices adopted and team productivity improved. Once agily activate© programme is completed, the app will continue to support ongoing team development, productivity and business performance.

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